Welcome to Piano lessons online!

What you will need:

1. Webcam

Any of these High Quality Cams will help get the most out of lessons: Links open in a New Window:

A lesser quality cam is fine initially. After a few lessons, a higher quality cam will be needed.  A better microphone may be needed to get clearer sound also.

2. Hardware, Operating System, Broadband
3. Piano or Keyboard

Acoustic pianos (strings and hammers) are best.

Electric Keyboards are less ideal because: hand positioning, non-weighted keys (action variation from acoustic pianos), buttons and sounds (may take time learning just buttons), fewer keys (66 instead of 88).  Jazz or Popular music is nearly all that can be played on a low-grade keyboard.

4. Piano Books

Books range from $7 (beginning books) to $27 or more + plus shipping.  You may Order books here or from a local bookstore.

5. Metronome

A Metronome is a tool which keeps rhythm. It can be set for various speeds so that timing and rhythm will be more steady.

6. Video Streaming Software

The Video Conferencing Software is FREE when signing up. It is easy to install on Windows (XP,Vista) or MacOSX (Skype for Windows and iChat for Mac). The software uses Full-Screen Live-Video Streaming with high screen clarity. There are also no time usage charges as the service is free.

Once signed up you will receive more instructions on software and hardware equipment.

7. Speakers

A good set of quality stereo speakers. Most PC's come with decent enough sound speakers, although upgrades are better. Earphones are also good to use if it makes the sound easier to hear.

Please Contact me for questions.

"Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue."


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